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Hard Times and Selective Safety Nets: What if you had to find your original birth certificate to go see a doctor?  Thousands of citizens have had problems enrolling in Medicaid, public health insurance for people on the bottom rungs of the income scale, because of recently enacted citizenship documentation requirements. This new project looks at how efforts to keep undocumented immigrants out of America’s safety net have instead affected the larger community, putting a human face on the unintended consequences of anti-immigrant policies.
Childhood in Translation
Childhood in Translation is a feature documentary project about how immigrant families are affected by language barriers. A work-in-progress, it follows youth who serve as the linguistic and cultural brokers for their families, and the challenges that limited English-proficient families have in accessing basic services to which they are entitled by law. Portions of the project are available in a DVD with three short modules for outreach and educational purposes.
Grassroots Rising From enslaved garment workers in El Monte to Koreatown restaurant and market workers, labor continues to be a vital part of the Asian American experience. Grassroots Rising shares the stories of Asian immigrant working families as they struggle to claim their place in Los Angeles and America. A collaboration with Visual Communications, the oldest Asian American media arts center in the United States, Grassroots Rising celebrates the history and ongoing tradition of labor activism that helps to build community across racial and ethnic lines.
Saigon, USA Saigon, U.S.A. takes place in the heart of the Vietnamese American community, Southern California's Little Saigon. It starts with an explosive political conflict - fifty two days of protests over a shopkeeper's display of the communist flag and Ho Chi Minh. The film then delves into the passions underlying the protests by following members of the older generation who still suffer from the loss of their homeland and members of the younger generation who are chasing the American dream.

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